Lake Simcoe Jumbo Perch

Touring around on Lake Simcoe can be dangerous at this time with the warm weather that is staying with us. To stay safe please ask around before venturing on the big lake. Enjoy this steady action perch film. 2017 Lake Simcoe Ice fishing for jumbo perch.

Lake Ontario Salmon

Here are some Pictures of Salmon from the last couple weeks on Lake Ontario. If you like what you see then don’t hesitate to follow us on our Facebook page and our YouTube channel. Stay safe and enjoy the outdoors!  

Tetra-Pod Adventure

I have to thank two great companies for all the hard work they are doing for myself and my outdoor career. First off I have to thank Tetra-POD for an amazing unit as we have put that through thick back country trails to go fish and lots of highway driving. I would like to thank […]

A look at Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is on the rise in Canada, with the federal government reporting 128 cases in 2009 and more than 700 in 2015. The jump in numbers could be partially due to the fact that Lyme disease was poorly recognized and under-reported in the past, while today there is much more awareness and readily available […]